The European Parliament elections

One of VDD’s priorities is to ensure free and democratic conduct of elections. Based on previous experience, VDD is actively working to duly identify and prevent the possible risks towards the free and democratic conduct of the European Parliament (EP) elections in Latvia.

Identification and reduction of threats emanating from both foreign countries and domestic developments falls within the scope of VDD’s competence as that of counterintelligence and internal security service.

Currently VDD has not acquired information about direct and systematic foreign attempts to influence the conduct of EP elections in Latvia. Nor does VDD hold the information on the so-called vote-buying or preparation for such activities. VDD is however verifying the information regarding the undelivered announcements regarding the EP elections.

VDD recalls that deliberate hindering of free exercise of person’s rights to elect or to be elected are subjected to criminal liability. Activities are recognised as illicit if the hindering of free exercise of person’s rights has taken place by using violence, fraud, threats, bribery or other illicit means. The Criminal Law also foresees liability for deliberate miscounting of votes and deliberate breach of secret ballot committed by state official of member of the election committee.

VDD calls on public to inform VDD (24/7 phone 67208964; e-mail address ) about cases when a person is offered a remuneration or offered other material or non-material benefits for his/her vote or the free choice is being influenced by other means. VDD also calls to inform of cases when there are suspicions on illicit activities related to the conduct of elections, e.g., deliberate miscounting of votes in favour of a political party or a candidate. VDD calls on persons holding such information to register its details with maximum possible precision, take photos, videos or audio recordings of possible breaches. VDD guarantees the confidentiality of the source.

The control over campaigning rules and placement of campaigning materials is conducted by the State Police and the Municipal Police. In case you hold information about leaflets being distributed on the day of elections, campaign posters that have not been removed timely or campaigning activities at the polling stations, please report such cases to the State Police (phone 110) or to the respective Municipal Police. VDD recalls that campaigning is forbidden not only on the Election Day, but also on the day before elections.

Should you hold the information on breaches of rules related to financing of campaigning and covert campaigning, please report to the Corruption Prevention and Combatting Bureau (phone 67356161, mobile app "Ziņo KNAB").

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo, VDD