Emblem of State security service

The logo of Latvian State Security Service (VDD) portrays an eagle with a shield on its chest. The three stars on the shield, similar to those on the top of the Freedom Monument, symbolize the values of the Service.

Values of VDD

  • State – the mission of VDD is to safeguard Latvia’s independence, constitutional order and territorial integrity against external and internal threats by timely identifying and preventing them.
  • Security – all the activities of VDD are aimed to ensure the security of the State and its people, as it is the foundation of the State’s development and the well-being of its residents.
  • Service – service in VDD is a particular type of service as it requires a faithful and unselfish serving to the Republic of Latvia, its Constitution and people.

VDD motto

VDD motto is "Semper vigilamus pro patria" or "Always On Guard for the Motherland", symbolising faithful and selfless service for Latvia.