Dignitary protection

VDD provides close protection to the Speaker of the Saeima and the Prime Minster, as well as protection to their invitees – foreign dignitaries and high officials from international organizations, during their visits to Latvia.

Latvian State Security Service (VDD) protects the national and foreign dignitaries as well as dignitaries of international organisations visiting the Republic of Latvia.

Daily VDD is responsible for the protection of Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Saeima (the protection of the President of the Republic of Latvia is provided by Military Police).  However, by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers or the decision of Presidium of the Saeima (Latvian Parliament) close protection of other officials can be applicable. Additionally, it is VDD’s task to protect officials exposed to a sudden threat.

Along with the responsibility to protect Latvian senior officials, VDD also has to protect the foreign government officials, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the leaders of UN, European Council, European Parliament and European Commission during their visits in the Republic of Latvia. In accordance with the recommendation given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Saeima Chancellery, close protection can be ensured to the officials of other foreign and international organisations and institutions during their visits in the Republic of Latvia.

When organising the security measures for national and foreign dignitaries, VDD’s task is to ensure the close protection as well as safe and undisturbed movement, safe workplace, safe residence, temporary residence in the Republic of Latvia and prevention of unauthorized acquisition of information.

Security measures when protecting dignitaries are based on conducted threat analysis and by following strict principle of proportionality (plans of security measures are made by thorough assessment of their influence on the everyday routine of residents).

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