VDD plans to verify publicly available information about T.Ždanok’s historical cooperation with Russia

State Security Service (VDD) hereinafter provides its assessment regarding the information published today, on 29 January 2024, regarding T.Ždanok’s activities from 2005 until 2013.

VDD reminds that until 2016 Latvia’s legislative framework did not stipulate a criminal liability for assistance to foreign state or foreign organisation which was drawn against the Republic of Latvia. That is why the historical episodes published in media referring to 2005 until 2013 are not qualified as a criminal activity. Even though VDD’s assessment is that such activities posed threat to our country and VDD also informed about it both higher government officials, decision makers at that time and society, it was not possible to call a person to  criminal liability for such activities. Consequently until 2016 VDD conducted counterintelligence and operational activities in order to prevent the threats to the state security.

VDD assesses that T.Ždanok’s status as the deputy of European Parliament and her legal immunity ensured by her status, was a significant aspect that contributed to her activities to support Russia’s geopolitical interests.

VDD reminds that in 2016 VDD in cooperation with Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIDD) and Constitution Protection Bureau (SAB) initiated to improve Latvia’s legislative act. One of the reasons for the improvement was the threat posed by Russia’s compatriot policy and military memorial activities, which was also supported by Latvian nationals. In the result, amendments to Criminal Law came into force in 2016. The amendments foresaw the criminal liability for assistance to foreign state or foreign organization which is drawn against the Republic of Latvia. At the same time it is to notify that these amendments do not have retroactive effect.

Nonetheless, VDD plans to assess the information regarding T.Ždanok’s possible cooperation with Russian intelligence and security services.

Information prepared by VDD.