VDD initiates criminal proceedings for crimes committed by Russian armed forces in Ukraine

On 15 March 2022 VDD initiated criminal proceedings for war crimes and crimes against humanity and peace committed by the Russian Federation armed forces in Ukraine.

Criminal proceedings are initiated pursuant to Section 712 (Crimes against Humanity), Section 72 (Crimes against Peace) and Section 74 (War Crimes) of the Criminal Law. Within the proceedings, evidence is being gathered about the crimes committed by Russia’s armed forces against humanity, i.e., homicides of civilians, extermination, torture and other activities, which have caused physical or mental suffering of the Ukrainian people; crimes against peace, i.e., planning, preparation, triggering of, participating in aggression and conducting a war of aggression; as well as war crimes, such as unjustifiable destruction of cities and other entities and other violations of international humanitarian law. 

In this relation, VDD calls on all war refugees, who have physically suffered in Ukraine from an attack of Russia’s armed forces or have eye witnessed an attack of Russia’s armed forces to civilians or civilian entities, to contact VDD. In particular, VDD calls on persons who have recorded the said activities in photo, video or audio formats. VDD also calls on Latvian nationals, who have suffered from Russia’s armed forces criminal activities in Ukraine, to report to VDD.

The eyewitnesses of the crimes committed by Russia’s armed forces can report to VDD by email or by providing their contact information by phone +371 6720 8964 (24/7). It is also possible to turn to the Latvian State Border Guard officials at the refugee support centres to indicate the willingness to testify.

In addition, VDD has prepared information materials for war refugees about cases when testifying is especially significant as well as ways to give testimony. The informative material will be available at the refugee support centres in Latvia.

Information prepared by VDD