VDD asks to prosecute a person for spying in favour of Russia

On 16 October, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) asked the Prosecutor's Office to initiate criminal prosecution against a person who, on behalf of the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists", in Latvia purposefully and systematically collected information that could be used against the national security interests of Latvia to pass it to Russia’s security and intelligence services.

In the course of the investigation, VDD has established a total of 23 cases of espionage carried out by individual. The particular Latvian citizen maintained regular communication with leaders of the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists". The person regularly passed them information about the personnel and equipment of Latvia’s and allied countries’ armed forces in the territory of Latvia. The person collected and transferred to the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" also information about strategically important objects in the territory of Latvia. Also, the person gave the criminal organization information about companies in Latvia that support Ukraine and oppose Russian aggression.

Obtaining information was facilitated by the person’s occupation taxi driver, which allowed the person relatively undisturbedly stay near the airport, port and other strategically important objects.

Support to VDD in this criminal case was provided by Defence Intelligence and Security Service (MIDD).

As reported earlier, this person was detained by VDD on 15 August this year on the grounds of suspicion of spying for Russia. At the place of the person’s residence several data mediums, as well as symbols attesting to the person’s pro-Kremlin ideological stance, like the flags of Russia and the USSR, were found.

The criminal case against this person is separated from the so-called criminal proceedings of "Baltic anti-fascists", incriminating the crime referred to in Section 85 of the Criminal Law – espionage.

VDD warns that any engagement in the criminal activities by the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" aimed against the national security interests of Latvia are subject to criminal liability.

Information prepared by: VDD
Illustrative photo, VDD