VDD detains a supporter of "Baltic anti-fascists" for spying for Russia

Within the ongoing investigation regarding the anti-state activities on Telegram by the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists", VDD has detected a Latvian citizen who systematically and purposefully collected and passed on to the members of this organization information about the developments in our country which can be used against the national security interests of Latvia.

On 15 August, VDD detained the person on grounds of suspicion for spying for Russia.

Within the investigation, VDD established that the said Latvian citizen maintained a regular communication with members of the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists". The individual sent them information about the personnel and equipment of the armed forces of allied countries, infrastructure of Riga Port and international airport "Riga", oil terminals, UAV polygon as well as other objects of strategic importance in the territory of Latvia.

The individual performed these activities both on own initiate as well as by executing concrete tasks from the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists". The information collection was facilitated by the individual’s occupation – taxi driver, which allowed a relatively undisturbed presence near the airport, port and other objects of strategic importance.

The suspect is incriminated of the crime stipulated in Section 85 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law, i.e., illegal collection of non-disclosable information and transferring it to a foreign intelligence service on its behalf through mediation of another person. The applicable punishment for such crime is the deprivation of liberty for the period of up to ten years with probationary supervision for a period of up to three years.

In VDD’s assessment, the person purposefully collected and transferred through the mediation of the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists" to the aggressor state Russia’s intelligence and security services information that can be used against Latvia’s national security interests.

Along with the detention, on 15 August VDD performed criminal proceedings at the place of residence of the person, finding several data mediums, as well as symbols attesting to the person’s pro-Kremlin ideological stance, like the flags of Russia and the USSR.

On 17 August, based on VDD suggestion the court authorised the application of the security measure to the suspect – deprivation of liberty.

VDD warns that any engagement in the criminal activities by the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" aimed against the national security interests of Latvia or the provision of support to this organization in conducting such activities are subject to criminal liability.

As reported earlier, the criminal case was initiated by VDD on 28 November 2022 when the Service established activities on Telegram channels that were directed against the State of Latvia by a group of Latvian nationals residing in Russia. On the Telegram channels of the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" VDD has established collection of non-disclosable and other information to be passed on to Russia’s intelligence and security services, calls to engage in the warfare in Ukraine on Russia’s side, as well as calls to collect financial and other resources  for Russia’s soldiers in Ukraine. VDD incriminates the creators of the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" of the crime stipulated in Section 891 Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Law, i.e., leading of a criminal organization and participating in committing of the crimes by such an organization. The applicable punishment for such crime is life imprisonment or deprivation of liberty for a period of ten and up to twenty years, with or without confiscation of property and with probationary supervision for a period of up to three years.

Within the criminal case, currently seven persons have been recognised as suspects. Three of them remain in custody.

The investigation is ongoing and VDD will provide additional information according to the course of the criminal case.

Information prepared by VDD
Photo by VDD