The State Police and VDD will intensify security throughout Latvia on 9 May

The State Police and the Latvian State Security Service (VDD) are also working in an intensified mode this year, monitoring the security situation in connection with 9 May throughout the country.

The services are preparing for any scenario and are ready to react not only on the specific date, but also in the days before and after, in order to prevent threats to public order and security, including the glorification and justification of Russia’s aggression and war crimes.

Upon detection of violations, the actions of the services will be clear and decisive – such violations are subject to both administrative and criminal liability. The services call on citizens to report if they have information about provocations planned for 9 May or if they witness such actions.

VDD in close cooperation with the State Police continues to pay increased attention to any information or activities related to 9 May, assessing whether they pose risks to Latvia's national security. VDD informs that it currently has no confirmatory information about the preparation of pro-Kremlin-minded persons for specific provocations on 9 May, at the same time such provocations cannot be completely ruled out.

On 9 May a wide range of service forces is planned throughout Latvia, involving the Special Tasks Battalion of the State Police in ensuring public order. The services will work according to a special public order and security plan, according to the need and current situation, security measures may be changed and strengthened.

The services remind that on 9 May, public entertainment and festive events, meetings, marches and demonstrations, which are aimed at belittling and endangering the values of Latvia as a democratic and national state, including division of society, war, military aggression, totalitarianism or violence glorification as well as false representation of historical events, are not allowed in Latvia. This refers to the so-called "Victory Day" and its symbolism, which is glorified and widely used in the propaganda of the Kremlin regime. The ban on holding events on 9 May is provided by the law "On the ban to organize certain public events on 9 May" adopted by the Saeima in 2023.

Laying flowers in the places where the dismantled Soviet monuments were located in Latvia will be considered as a glorification of these objects and military aggression. Such actions will not be tolerated. 

Although individual laying of flowers at burial sites is not prohibited, the State Police draws attention to the fact that the increased presence of the police in these places will not necessarily mean that residents will be provided with a convenient and coordinated approach. The purpose and task of the police is to prevent threats to public order and any glorification of aggression.

At the same time, law enforcement officers remind that according to the public order and security plan, the flow of both traffic and people can be limited and regulated. Including, in accordance with the Law "On Police", if a threat to the protection of public safety, life, health and property of persons, possible provocations and exacerbations is detected, the State Police can deny access to specific objects.

In addition, on 9 May all day and night, as well as on 10 May until 7.00 the use of pyrotechnic is prohibited.

The services recall that the use of symbols of totalitarian regimes (even stylized ones), as well as any symbols glorifying and justifying military aggression and war crimes, in public places is prohibited and punishable. Public use of the Russian flag or public playing of war-glorifying songs will also be considered as glorification of the aggressor and its regime, judging the person's responsibility accordingly.

Whereas public justification and glorification of genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and war crimes (Section 741 of the Criminal Law), as well as actions aimed at inciting national or ethnic hatred or discord (Section 78 of the Criminal Law), are subject to criminal liability.

The actions and response of the services to such violations will be immediate and strict.

Considering that 9 May has long been a date that divides the Latvian society, on this day there are increased risks of confrontation between groups of society representing different views. Therefore, the services call for a critical evaluation of provocative statements in the information space, as well as to avoid responding to them and to report to the responsible services if such content is noticed. We call on the citizens not to engage in provocations or illegal actions against individuals or the surrounding environment not to succumb to provocations and not allow the division of our society.

Residents who have information about provocations planned for 9 May demonstrative or defiant actions aimed at dividing society or spreading messages in line with Russia’s interests are invited to provide this information to the VDD by calling the 24/7 phone number 67208964 or by writing to the e-mail address . In addition, upon witnessing such activities on 9 May, residents are invited to immediately inform the State Police by calling 110.

Information prepared by the State Police and VDD 
Photo by VDD