Following VDD recommendations, 53 foreigners denied entry into Latvia

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, VDD in cooperation with the State Border Guard, intensified control of foreigners entering Latvia is carried out at border crossing points of the eastern border of Latvia. Up till now 53 foreigners have been denied entry into Latvia at the border crossing points in connection with the threats to Latvia's national security that have been identified by VDD.

Entry into Latvia is denied to 35 Russian citizens, 12 Belarussian citizens, as well as six citizens of other countries who, according to VDD, could pose a threat to Latvia's national security. If persons had a valid visa for traveling within the Schengen area –the visa has been cancelled.

Foreigners who enter Latvia from the aggressor country Russia or its closest ally Belarus are subject to thorough inspections at the border crossing points. The purpose of the inspection is to identify persons who support Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and may pose a threat to Latvia's national security.

During the inspections, specific attention is paid to foreigners who, for example, once served in the power structures of Russia or Belarus, publicly demonstrate symbols glorifying Russian aggression or express a negative attitude towards the Latvian state. A large number of foreigners who were refused entry to Latvia openly expressed their support for Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and its residents, using typical Kremlin war propaganda narratives.

VDD will continue to pay increased attention to foreigners entering Latvia from Russia and Belarus.

Information prepared by VDD
Photo: VDD