VDD seeks criminal prosecution of six founders of the criminal organisation "Baltic anti-fascists"

On 10 October, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) asked the Prosecutor’s Office to initiate criminal prosecution against six Latvian citizens for leading the criminal organization "Baltic anti-fascists" and participating in the crimes committed by this organization.

In November 2022, the group of persons calling themselves "Baltic anti-fascists" started to carry out and coordinate activities directed against Latvia’s national security. They used communication groups created specifically for this purpose on "Telegram" platform.

VDD opened the criminal case against the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" on 28 November 2022. During the investigation VDD established such illegal activities of the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" as illegal collection of non-disclosable information in order to pass it to Russia’s intelligence and security services, glorifying and justifying Russia’s war in Ukraine and gathering financial means and other resources to support the army of the aggressor state Russia in Ukraine. VDD has also established that the criminal organization called for engaging in the warfare in Ukraine on the side of Russia.

The liability for leading a criminal organization and participating in committing of the crimes by such organization is stipulated in Section 891 Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Law. The applicable punishment for such crime is life imprisonment or deprivation of liberty for a period of ten and up to twenty years, with or without confiscation of property and with probationary supervision for a period of up to three years.

VDD has referred the evidence obtained within the investigation in the case of the so-called "Baltic anti-fascists" to the Prosecutor’s Office. VDD recalls that no person should be considered guilty until their guilt is proven in accordance with law.

Information prepared by VDD
Photo by VDD