VDD seeks criminal prosecution of a person for unlawful participation in the war against Ukraine

On 21 June, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) asked the Prosecution Office to initiate criminal prosecution against a citizen of Latvia for unlawful participation in the war in Ukraine, siding with Russia’s armed forces.

VDD initiated the criminal case against the person on 30 December 2022, pursuant to Section 771 of the Criminal Law, i.e., for active participation in an armed conflict taking place outside the territory of the Republic of Latvia, which is directed against territorial integrity and political independence of a state or is otherwise in contradiction with international law binding upon the Republic of Latvia.

In late 2022, VDD discovered several videos taken in Ukraine in the internet environment, where the person was appearing as armed and wearing military clothing with symbols characteristic to Russia’s armed forces. In these videos, the person expressed support to the aggressor state Russia, as well as was threatened the defenders of Ukraine, including Latvians.

The information obtained by VDD within the investigation indicates that the person remains in Ukraine and continues participating in the warfare extended by Russia’s armed forces. The person has been put on a wanted list. 

Information prepared by VDD