VDD publishes the Annual Report on its activities in 2023

Latvian State Security Service (VDD) has prepared the Annual Report about its activities in 2023.

"Although the aggressor state Russia has redirected significant resources to the efforts to occupy Ukraine, last year it continued posing the greatest threat to Latvia’s national security. Last year, the Service investigated the largest number of espionage cases to date along with other illegal activities for the benefit of Russia," says Normunds Mežviets, the Director General of VDD, as he describes the past year. "It should be expected that this year Russia’s activities against Latvia could be more visible and provocative. Unable to succeed in Ukraine, Russia is trying to intimidate the societies of Latvia and other European countries with the aim of reducing the support for Ukraine".  

The Annual Report for 2023 provides insight into several cases discovered by VDD related to threats to the security of the state of Latvia and its society.  As far as the interests of investigation allow, the Annual Report describes several espionage cases investigated by VDD, detected violations of the European Union sanctions as well as cases of radicalization and glorification of terrorism.

The Annual Report aims to provide VDD’s assessment of current threats to Latvia’s national security and trends within VDD’s areas of activity. The Annual Report contains information about the main areas of activity of VDD: counterintelligence, protection of official secrets, protection of the constitutional order, security of the information space, economic security, counterterrorism, pre-trial investigation and dignitary protection.

The Annual Report on the activities of VDD in 2023 is available here.

Information prepared by VDD