VDD investigates possible provision of resources to the Russian army

On 13 and 14 October Latvian State Security Service (VDD) carried out criminal proceedings on sites related to a company in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia on suspicion of providing resources to the armed forces of the aggressor state Russia.

VDD carried out criminal proceedings on five sites. The criminal case was initiated by VDD pursuant to Section 772 of the Criminal Law, namely for possible indirect transfer of property to a party involved in an armed conflict taking place outside the territory of the Republic of Latvia, whose action is directed against the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Within the conducted searches VDD has seized a large amount of data carriers and documents, as well as samples of the company's products. Also, cash in the amount of more than half a million euros was found on sites related to the company.

VDD will provide additional information regarding the investigation process according to the progress of the criminal case. VDD recalls that no person is considered guilty until their guilt is proven in accordance to the law.

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo by VDD