VDD initiates a criminal case for supporting crimes committed by Russia and for triggering of enmity in society

On 27 September VDD has initiated a criminal case against one person for possible glorification and acquittal of the crimes committed by the aggressor state Russia in Ukraine as well as for activities aimed at triggering of national and ethnic hatred.

The criminal case against the person has been initiated pursuant to Section 741 and Section 78 Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Law, after VDD evaluated the person's recent statements in the messaging platform "Telegram".

VDD established that the person in one’s own "Telegram" channel published voice messages to an unlimited circle of persons, in which the person expresses approval for the crimes committed by Russia’s armed forces against Ukraine and its residents. In the voice messages the person also belittles and discredits Latvian and Ukrainian citizens.

According to jurisdiction, VDD has forwarded the criminal case to the State Police for further investigation.

It must be noted that State Police has already initiated another criminal case in which the person has been accused of conduct of business activities without their registration resulting in a significant harm, as well as for intentional breach of fire safety regulations which has resulted in death of several persons.

VDD recalls that no person should be considered guilty until their guilt is proven in accordance with law.

Information prepared by VDD
Photo by VDD