VDD detains pro-Kremlin activist for glorifying crimes committed by Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine

On 21 June VDD detained a pro-Kremlin activist who on the Internet systematically acquitted and glorified the crimes of Russia’s armed forces against peace and war crimes aimed towards Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The person has come to the attention of VDD already for an extended time period in connection with activities that are in the interests of the Kremlin. Following the Russia’s armed forces invasion into Ukraine, VDD established that the person was disseminating information about Russia's expanded warfare in Ukraine to an unlimited number of people on a freely accessible platforms on the Internet, reflecting events in the interests of the Kremlin.

On 7 June 2022, VDD initiated criminal proceedings against the person pursuant to Section 741 of the Criminal Law, specifically, for acquittal and glorification of crimes against peace and war crimes.

Information at the disposal of VDD indicates that for these activities the person receives financial compensation from legal entities registered in the Russian Federation.

On 21 June VDD performed emergency procedural actions at object related to the person, as well as detained the person. The person currently has the status of a suspect and a security measure – detention – has been applied.

The investigation is ongoing and VDD will provide additional information according to the course of criminal proceedings.

VDD recalls that no person is considered guilty until their guilt is proven in accordance to the law.

Since the beginning of Russia’s armed forces invasion into Ukraine, VDD has initiated 19 criminal proceedings in relation to hate speech, while four proceedings were taken over from the State Police. Most of these proceedings are related to aggressive actions against Ukraine and Ukrainians. From these 23 proceedings, eight were initiated pursuant to two Sections of the Criminal Law, i.e., for public glorifying and acquittal of genocide, crimes against humanity and peace and war crimes (Section 741 of Criminal Law) and for activities aimed at triggering national hatred or enmity (Section 78 of Criminal Law). Eight proceedings were enacted pursuant to elements constituting the crime stipulated in Section 741 of the Criminal Law, whereas seven – pursuant to elements constituting the crime stipulated in Section 78 of the Criminal Law.

In two of the criminal proceedings VDD has concluded the pre-trial investigation and referred the materials of the criminal proceedings to the Prosecutor's Office, suggesting to initiate criminal prosecution against these persons. Within the other 21 criminal proceedings the pre-trial investigation continues and within these proceedings 16 persons have been recognized as suspects, while 7 others as persons against whom criminal proceedings have been enacted.

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo, VDD