VDD detains another supporter of Russia’s aggression

On 30 April, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) detained a person who regularly expressed narratives and calls to support Russia’s aggression and interests in the videos posted on the video sharing platform TikTok.

In his video statements, next to efforts to trigger hatred against Latvians and Ukrainians, the man threatened to use violence against representatives of such nationalities as well as other supporters of Ukraine.

The criminal case against this person was initiated on 26 March 2024 pursuant to Section 741 Paragraph 2 and Section 78 Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Law, namely for justifying crimes against peace and war crimes, as well as for actions aimed at triggering national and ethnic hatred or enmity. 

After analysing the content published on the person's TikTok account, VDD established that with his statements, which are available to an unlimited number of people, the person systematically and purposefully justifies the crimes committed by Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine, as well as condemns the support provided by Latvia to Ukraine.

The suspect has been applied the security measure – arrest.

In addition, since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Service has conducted preventive talks with more than a thousand persons in connection with comments on the Internet, which are aimed at justifying Russia’s aggression and contain elements of hate speech, warning these persons of the possible criminal liability in case of committing the criminal offenses.

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo by VDD