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Pre-emptive identification of terrorism threats and their prevention is another significant responsibility of VDD.

VDD conducts counterintelligence and operational activities in order to obtain pre-emptive information on the planned terrorist actions to prevent them in due time. During identification and neutralisation of terrorism threats, VDD closely cooperates with foreign partner services by regularly exchanging information.

Along with conducting operational activities, assessing terrorist threats and implementing preventive measures in the field of counterterrorism, VDD also coordinates the activities of governmental and municipal institutions as well as private sector companies which are involved in counterterrorism.

The preventive measures include the control of the immigrants coming from terrorism risk countries to Latvia, regular inspections of objects of critical infrastructure and soft targets, the preparation of recommendations to improve the physical security of these objects as well as the briefings of their employees.

In cooperation with other institutions which are involved in implementation of counterterrorism measures, VDD has developed the National Counterterrorism Plan as well as three response plans in case of an attack against civil aviation, maritime traffic and its infrastructure as well as objects on land. Based on National Counterterrorism Plan response plans, institutions involved in implementation of counterterrorism measures have developed their own sub-plans, which are approved by VDD.

In order to test the preparedness of institutions to react in terrorism threat situations, VDD organises different counterterrorism exercises on a regular basis. Those are table - top as well as field exercises and simulation of hostage taking.

Terrorism threat levels:

In cooperation with other institutions, VDD has developed terrorism threat level system. This system foresees four terrorism threat levels:

low (blue) – there is general threat of terrorism (everyday situation);

elevated (yellow) – there is an increasing threat of terrorism;

high (orange) – there is confirmed terrorism threat to a particular object, economic sector or state region;

severe (red) - terrorist attack has occurred or is imminent.

Terrorism threat level can be introduced to the whole territory of the state, the particular threatened region, economic sector or object.

Terrorism threat level is introduced by the Minister of Interior based on the recommendation of Director General of VDD.


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