VDD: terrorism threat level in Latvia is low

In relation to the threat e-mails received by many Latvia’s education and pre-school education institutions, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) reiterates that the terrorism threat level in Latvia is low. VDD does not hold any information that would require elevating the terrorism threat level.

VDD confirms that there are no grounds for concern regarding the received threat e-mails. VDD calls upon the public to remain calm and not respond to provocations.

In the current geopolitical situation and under the circumstances of hybrid warfare, it cannot be excluded that these activities are purposefully implemented by countries hostile to Latvia. In VDD’s assessment, the goal of such activities is to increase the sense of fear in society by increasing the psychological pressure on diverse groups of Latvia’s society and by artificially building tension to destabilise the situation in Latvia.

The situation is under investigation by the State Police, which has opened a criminal case pursuant to Section 2311 of the Criminal Law for knowingly making a false report on placing or locating of explosive, poisonous, radioactive or bacteriological substances or materials or explosive devices. VDD provides the necessary support to the State Police in the investigation in accordance with VDD’s competence.

Information by VDD
Photo by VDD