VDD holds terrorism threat prevention exercise "Code Red 2023"

On 15 December, Latvian State Security Service (VDD) organized the annual counterterrorism table-top exercise "Code Red 2023". The aim of the exercise was to test and improve the readiness of the institutions to implement the measures for the prevention of terrorism threats provided for in the National Counterterrorism Plan.

Representatives of the institutions responsible for the prevention of terrorism threats participated in the exercise, planning and mutually coordinating the implementation of preventive measures according to the exercise scenario.

The National Counterterrorism Plan is a classified document that defines the preventive measures to be taken by the responsible institutions to prevent potential terrorist acts under conditions of increased threat. The preventive measures to be taken depend on the declared terrorism threat level.

It should be noted that this year VDD updated the National Counterterrorism Plan, which will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval in the near future. The National Counterterrorism Plan has been updated in accordance with the conclusions of the counterterrorism exercises organized by VDD in recent years and the current global terrorism threats trends. The updated plan includes several new areas of preventive counterterrorism measures.

During the training, special attention was paid to the exchange of information, the implementation of counterterrorism preventive measures in accordance with the declared terrorism threat level, the security of critical infrastructure and objects of mass gathering, as well as the coordination of the involved resources under the changing conditions of the terrorism threat.

The "Code Red" exercise was first organized by VDD in 2012, and this year it was held for the ninth time. These exercises serve as an integral part of the improvement of the counterterrorism system in order to ensure coordinated cooperation of institutions in the implementation of preventive counterterrorism measures.

The exercise was attended by representatives of VDD, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Police, State Border Guard, State Fire and Rescue Service, State Emergency Medical Service, National Armed Forces, Riga Municipal Police, SA "Civil Aviation Agency", SJSC "Riga International Airport", SJSC "Latvijas gaisa satiksme" and SJSC "Latvijas Pasts".

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo by VDD