VDD holds National Counterterrorism Plan implementation table-top exercise "Code Red 2022" in Riga

The aim of the exercise organised by VDD was to test and improve the readiness of institutions involved in the national counterterrorism system to react in case the terrorism threat levels are announced and the National Counterterrorism Plan is being implemented.

The scenario for this year’s training was the announcing of terrorism threat level and changing of terrorism threat level in Riga and its surroundings, as well as at terrorism risk objects (critical infrastructure and mass gathering sites). The exercise focused on the exchange of information, efficiency and coordination of preventive measures stipulated in the National Counterterrorism plan in the case of changing terrorism threat, as well as setting up the Operations Control Centre and the capability of institutions to coordinate the allocation and distribution of material-technical resources. The lessons learned from the exercise will be taken into consideration when updating the National Counterterrorism Plan for 2023.

The exercise was attended by representatives of Defence Intelligence and Security Service, Constitution Protection Bureau, State Police, State Border Guard, State Emergency Medical Service, State Fire and Rescue Service, National Armed Forces and Riga Municipal Police.

The National Counterterrorism Plan is a classified document that sets the preventive measures across various domains to be implemented by the institutions in charge of preventing the terrorism threat. The measures are aimed at preventing the terrorism threat in accordance with the increasing threat and the announced terrorism threat level.

The table-top exercise "Code Red" was first held in 2012 and this year was held for the eight time. The exercise serves as an inseparable part of improving the counterterrorism system in order to ensure the coordinated cooperation of institutions in implementing the preventive counterterrorism measures.

Information prepared by VDD
Illustrative photo, VDD