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Regarding the Initiation of Criminal Proceedings

On November 17, 2017 DP detained a person, suspect for an attempt to engage in an establishment of such a criminal organisation (association) which consists of at least five persons, for the purpose of committing especially serious crimes against state and to unlawfully participate in an armed conflict taking place in Eastern Ukraine.  Criminal liability for such activities is laid down in  Section 15 Paragraph 4, Section 89.1 Paragraph 1 and Section 77 Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law.

Based on the evidence obtained in the course of the criminal proceedings, on November 19, 2017 the detained person was recognized as a suspect. Currently the imposed security measure for the suspect is arrest. Taking into consideration the interests of the investigation, DP refrains from detailed comments about the criminal proceedings.

At the same time it has to be noted that the suspect had previously come to the attention of DP, that is, DP had previously proposed to initiate prosecution pursuant to the elements of a criminal offence laid down in Section 77.1 of the Criminal law (Unlawful Participation in an Armed Conflict). Notwithstanding the above, according to the information available to DP, the person has repeatedly attempted to participate in an armed conflict in a foreign state.


No person shall be considered guilty until the guilt of such person has been determined in accordance with the procedures laid down in respective law.

Information was prepared by DP.


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