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Press releases

VDD detains three persons for violation of sanctions determined by international organisations

On 13 and 14 November VDD conducted court sanctioned procedural activities in Riga and its surroundings on the grounds of suspicion for illegal arms trade, violation of sanctions determined by international organisations and laundering of criminally acquired financial resources. As a result three persons have been detained. 

Procedural activities have been conducted within the criminal proceedings initiated by VDD on 5 February 2018 on the grounds of Section 84 Para. 2 of the Criminal Law (for intentional violation of regulatory enactments regulating implementation of sanctions determined by the United Nations, European Union or other international organisations, or by the Republic of Latvia, if substantial harm has been caused) and Section 195 Para. 3 of the Criminal Law (for laundering of criminally acquired financial resources or other property if commission is on a large scale, or in an organised group).

During the investigation VDD has conducted five sanctioned searches in addresses related to the suspects in Riga and its surroundings. During the searches documents and data mediums holding evidence have been seized. The information acquired during the investigation indicates that the group of persons has illicitly supplied a large number of arms to African countries that are subject to the sanctions determined by the UN and the EU. The accomplishment of illicit contracts was followed by laundering of criminally acquired financial resources.

The upcoming steps in regard to the detained persons imply determination of the required security measure and their procedural status. To ensure smooth investigation VDD refrains from further comments on this case.  

VDD recalls that no person shall be considered guilty until the guilt of such person in the committing of a criminal offence has been determined in accordance with the procedures laid down in the law. 

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