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Press releases

Security Police of Latvia organizes desk training for the implementation of the National Counterterrorism Plan

On December 6, 2018 DP Latvia organized a table-top exercise of the National Counterterrorism Plan (hereinafter – NCP) “Code Red 2018”. This exercise was organized to identify the readiness of institutions involved in national counterterrorism prevention to introduce necessary measures in case if elevated, high or severe level of terrorist threat is introduced in a country, a specific region, a sector of the economy or a specific object and NCP is announced.

Measures to be taken by institutions that are included in NCP are various measures of a preventive nature under conditions of increased threat aimed at preventing possible terrorist activities. Training “Code Red” was first organized in 2012 and this year was the sixth time. This training serves as an integral part of the development of a counter-terrorism system.

In this year’s exercise scenario different levels of terrorist threat were announced in different regions of Latvia. Thereby particular emphasis was put on mutual information exchange, preventive coordination of events in case of a high or severe level of terrorist threat, also expansion of operational control center and the ability of the institutions to coordinate the attraction and redistribution of material and technical resources.

Training included representatives from Defence Intelligence and Security Service, Constitution Protection Bureau, State Police, State Border Guard, State Emergency Medical Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, State Agency “Civil Aviation Agency”, State Joint Stock Company (SJSC) RIGA International Airport, SJSC Latvian railway, SJSC Maritime Administration of Latvia.



The terrorism threat level
in Latvia is low.


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