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Press releases

About the progress of criminal proceedings

In the context of the initiated criminal proceedings about possible incitement of national hatred or enmity and due to new circumstances revealed during the investigation VDD on 24 May 2019 has suggested to subject the suspect to a coercive measure of a medical nature.

The criminal proceedings against the person were initiated on 20 November 2018 pursuant to the second part of the Article 78 of the Criminal Law about incitement of national hatred or enmity as the person inserted comments aimed against persons of Russian and Romani origin in various websites.

Within the criminal proceedings VDD performed a sanctioned search during which various IT devices (computers, phones and other data carriers), pneumatic weapons, their munition and collection of hunting knives was seized. After the inspection of the seized objects it was established that in the person’s computer detailed plans about preparation for violent attacks were stored.

On 7 February 2019 the person was declared a suspect and, besides the aforementioned, the factual elements were qualified in accordance with the third part of the Article 15 and the Article 79.1 (preparation for terrorism) of the Criminal Law. Arrest of the person was applied as the security measure.

During the investigation process it was established that it is possible that the suspect has a mental illness and VDD made a decision to request for a complex forensic psychiatric and psychological expertise. On 21 May 2019 a medical conclusion was received and according to it the person was declared mentally deficient. Taking into account the findings of the criminal proceedings, VDD referred the criminal case to the Prosecution Office and recommended coercive measures of a medical nature.

VDD notes that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty according to the law.

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