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The activities of DP consist of seven fundamental, equally significant and inter-complementary principles:

  • Patriotism – in good faith and in all conscience, we take the oath to serve the Republic of Latvia, its nation and Constitution.
  • Competence – the quality required from every DP officer during the service.
  • Dignity – only the ones who perform their duties with dignity and in all conscience can be the officials within DP.
  • Reliability – cooperation with society, partner services and other institutions can be claimed as valuable on the basis of mutual trust. DP highly appreciates and holds in high esteem the partners for their trust paid and does its best to justify it fully.
  • Rule of law – DP strictly follows the principles of democracy which stipulate rule of law, political neutrality and equal attitude to each resident of Latvia.
  • Development – in order to conduct the tasks in the changing security situation, DP constantly adjusts the capacity and skills when facing new security challenges.
  • Cooperation – Latvia is an integral part of Transatlantic security community and our security is closely related to the security of partner states, that is why our task is to care for not only the security of the Republic of Latvia but also of our allies by giving explicit support  required.


The terrorism threat level
in Latvia is low.


24 h contact: +371 67208964
Fax: +371 67273373